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Roopam Beriyal Necklace

Roopam Beriyal Necklace

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Introducing our Natural Beryl Tumble and Freshwater Pearl Necklace:

Gemstone: A mesmerizing 565.25 carats of natural Beryl tumble beads.
Pearl Elegance: Complemented by lustrous freshwater pearls, each a symbol of purity.
Length: A versatile 20 inches, designed to grace any neckline beautifully.
Natural Beauty: The unique tumble bead design showcases the organic allure of genuine Beryl.
Timeless Elegance: A statement piece that effortlessly blends sophistication with nature's grace.
Versatile Styling: Perfect for both special occasions and elevating your everyday look.

Elevate your style with this exquisite fusion of natural gemstones and pearls, a true testament to the beauty found in nature.
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