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Uttam Beriyal Emerald Necklace

Uttam Beriyal Emerald Necklace

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Introducing our Natural Uttam Beriyal Emerald 7-Layer Necklace, a true masterpiece of nature's beauty.

- Gemstone: Genuine Uttam Beriyal Emerald
- Carat Weight: A stunning 853.12 carats
- Length: A regal 20 inches
- Layers: Seven exquisite layers of emeralds
- Rarity: Utterly unique and rare
- Elegance: A timeless statement of elegance and luxury

Embrace the allure of this remarkable necklace, crafted to showcase the mesmerizing beauty of these natural emeralds. Each layer tells a story of luxury and refinement, making this necklace a treasure to cherish.
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